Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Member and Two Down and more to go

Hi Everyone

I've been lurking and reading everyone's posts and everyone's Hiking Scarves are wonderful and gorgeous.

This was my first foray into cables and I have to tell you, I was scared of them. How silly was that. It was so easy once I got the hang of it. I have made two scarves so far and have requests for more from my mom and my daughter.

I made this one for my dad in Debbie Bliss Chunky Merino. The color is Forest Green:

Here is the close up detail:

For the second Irish Hiking Scarf, I used a variegated yarn that I purchased last year at the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. I don't remember who I purchased it from or where and the picture I have of the hank, all I can read is MontanaChili Pepper. If this rings any bells, it would be appreciated. I'm also making a matching headband to go with this one.

Anyway, I'm having a fun time with this pattern and am loving cables. You can see more of my knitting on my blog.



Friday, June 23, 2006

New Member

Hi all, I'm a new member to the KAL. Thanks so much for allowing me to join. I've just started by first IHS and am totally enjoying the pattern. I plan to make more of these for Christmas presents. This first one is in stashbusting Lion Jiffy yarn. I'm using Denise needles, US#9.

Sherie's IHS


Thursday, June 22, 2006

Scarf to be started soon!

Well I am going to do the scarf in blue for my girlfriend's other half,He requested a scarf in Blue so I am going to attempt to do this one for him ! He definetley cannot say I don't like him if i do this one for him!!!(I was knitting a baby blanket and he told me I need to knit him something, I said what do you want and what color!! SO a scarf it is)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Member

I just joined up and wanted to share my progress so far with the IHS. I must say that I absolutely love this project. I am part of the Stashalong, and I had some Misti Alpaca in my stash that I didn't know what to do with. I saw this pattern and it was perfect! I am hoping to have enough leftover to make the Irish Walking Hat too. Here are a few pictures. The yarn color is raspberry sorbet. It is the softest stuff to ever work with!

Here is a close up of the cable detail. It also really shows off the yarn color.

I will keep posting as I make more progress. I have enjoyed seeing everyone else's work as well!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

IHS Update 6/16/06

I'm now into my 19th repeat* on the Irish Hiking scarf. I'm loving this scarf and cannot wait to make about 569 more.

*This photo is from a few days ago.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Hello everyone =)
Just joined recently as I'm making a scarf for my momma, who will be going to Alaska (on Sunday and of course I wait until now @@)
Anyway, this will be the first time I have attempted this scarf and my first project with cables!!
Here's my progress so far:

my scarf =)

Hope everyone is well!

Directions are Packed and Ready to Travel

I will be leaving for Austria and Germany tomorrow. I will be gone for about 3 weeks. I have my directions packed, along with needles, for the Irish Hiking Scarf. When I arrive in my village in Austria, I will be going to the local yarn shop where I will buy the yarn for knitting the scarf. I will be sending you photos when I return back to the states in July. This should be fun.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Irish Hiking Scarf, Completed

This was completed over the weekend, and is all set for Father's Day.
('Cause that's what you need in the South in June....a wool scarf! Ah, well - I figure it'll keep until the fall and football season!)

Done in Lamb's Pride Worsted in "Dynamite Blue".

This was a fun little knit; and I quickly got into the groove with the pattern, even though it has been years since I cabled anything.
It was a nice project to sit and knit on while watching the season finales of all my shows... It's only June, and I am missing "sweeps month" already!

June 18th Update: Talked with my father today - and he received the scarf and seemed really pleased! He made a similar comment about really needing a scarf when the temperature was pushing 90° (like father, like daughter, I suppose) but said that the color was perfect for Kentucky Blue and that he's looking forward to football season... Thanks again so much for sharing this pattern!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Two Charity Irish Hiking Scarves

I finished two Irish Hiking Scarves last week. This was one of them in progress. I modified it to two cables to make it child sized. It was one of two that I completed for the Dulaan Project. I wanted to do something other than a plain old garter stitch scarf. I used Patons Canadiana in a couple of discontinued colors I had in my stash. This one was white with flecks of mint green. The other one is a shade of burgundy, but my camera flash washed it out. It isn't really that light.