Friday, January 05, 2007

IHS in Ella Rae Classic

I finished my first Irish Hiking Scarf. I greatly enjoyed the pattern and can't wait to start another scarf. This is knit in Ella Rae Classic (438 yards worth). You can see all the details about it on my blog.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

IHS in Rowanspun Aran

At long last the IHS has arrived at its destination in chilly Providence RI. Word has it that my sister's boyfriend loves his new scarf so much that he refuses to take it off.

I think that I may have blocked it a little too vigorously, the cables looked a little flat when compared to some of the beautiful examples on this site but given the humidity -- between the sea and the snow-- it should puff up eventually. In addition, my initial reservations about rowanspun being slightly rough subsided after a nice dunk in Woolite.

For more details and pictures, please refer to the original post or my blog.