Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Scarf Progress

Since this is my first attempt at cables I used the yarn that was handy and worsted weight. That meant Red Heart Super Saver acrylic. Before I officially tried to join this KAL I started the scarf using the pattern provided. I have been working on it at home mostly.

At this point it is about 31 inches long and I am still on the first skein. Although I am still having problems keeping my tension even, I think I have been getting better with the cables. The attached device in the pic is just a simple row counter that I made so I don't lose track. It needs some work since I did not have something that would definitely prevent beads moving on or off the inner counting ring. So I try to complete the cable row before having to put it away while commuting.


Blogger AJ said...

Looks like your first attempts are very good. Nice job!

Wed Aug 16, 01:59:00 PM CDT  

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