Monday, November 15, 2004

Finally got started...

Had an unscheduled move just after I signed up to work on this project, and finally got most of the house unpacked and finished up some other UFO's and was able to sit and start knitting it this weekend.

What FUN. This is my first cable project, and I don't understand what the big deal is. :-D Granted, frogging to find a missed stitch is entertaining... haven't figured out how to string a lifeline through cables yet, but will figure it out. Luckily my fiance' is further along in the project and has been able to help with the minor screw ups I started with. :-)

I'll post pics when I get a bit further along. Am already figuring out what color of yarn to get for my brother-in-law in order to knock one out as a Yule present.

Oh, forgot to say... I'm knitting with Wool Ease, a pretty cranberry heather colour, with size 8's. My gauge is coming out just a tad larger than my fiance's, haven't measured it yet, but I'm happy with the size, so I'm not stressing.


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