Thursday, November 11, 2004

It's done!!!

Mike's scarf is done with the exception of weaving in some stray ends here and there. I can't believe that I did an entire cabled scarf. I gotta admit I'm feeling like a true knitter now! It's a good feeling.

Next I move onto my set with the revised Coronet hat from Knitty and my Irish Hiking Scarf in Lion Brand Wool-Ease cranberry. I'm really excited.

PS How do you post pics directly to the blog?


Blogger cheryl said...

Well done!! I can't wait to see the hat -- I'm going to do one too.
So to post pics directly to the Blog you have to upload your picture onto a server to which you have access, and then paste in a link to that picture. So if you upload the pics to, you'd write: hooray! it's done! here it is: img src=""
[**note: this whole phrase -- from img ... to ... .jpg" -- must be preceded by this chracter "<" (but w/o quotation makrk) and then ended with ">" (also w/o quote marks), otherwise it won't work.]
So does that make any sense at all? Good luck!
- Cheryl (the one from

Thu Nov 11, 11:20:00 AM CST  
Blogger lomara said...

There are several free services you can host your photos on. I'm playing with Flickr ( which is a free photoblog service. You can post your photo there, and use their Blog This! tool which will let you post the photos here. I used it to post my progress photo a couple of entries back.

Buzznet will also do the same. Also free.

ImageBucket is popular but I haven't used it, so I don't know how good it is.

Good luck!

Sat Nov 13, 01:40:00 AM CST  

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