Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Having Fun

Hi there. I started my Irish Hiking Scarf over the weekend. It's my first time knitting cables. Things are going fairly well. I'm using Irish Aran yarn that I got from The Irish Ewe. Out of curiosity, is it common for hands to feel like they are trying to do too many things at once while doing cables (at least in the beginning). When I return from house sitting (end of weekend) I'll post a pic of how things are going.


Blogger Lauren said...

I don't remember feeling like my hands were trying to do too many thigns but that could be a faulty memory. ;)

Are you trying to hold all three needles at once when doing the cable? When its time to knit of the cable needle I push my knitting as far down on my needle as it will go so it wont fall off and then I drop the needle. I've not lost any stitches this way yet.

Wed Oct 18, 12:52:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Knitting Maude said...

I haven't been trying to hold all 3 needles at once, but making sure that my 3 stitches are in teh dip of the cable needle. I'm going to try the moving the other stitches further down the needle though. I have been working close to the tips. Thanks a ton.

Thu Oct 19, 11:38:00 AM CDT  

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