Thursday, September 07, 2006

Finally my first I.H.Scarf!

Dear friends,

How are you? I hope everything is fine from where you are reading this. Here the weather is still hot but a bit more bearable. I have finally been able to finish my first two scarves! One of them is the Irish Hiking Scarf we all are doing on the Knitalong blog. I hope you like it! I chose a very colourful yarn and the result is lovely. I call it "rainbow cables" :) Also, I finally was able to finish the ocean ribbing scarf (a simple 2x2 ribbing, lovely touch, it looks soooo soft!). The Ocean ribbing scarf is a present for my special one. I'll use the Irish Rainbow cable scarf in Basel, for the cold winter :)

Maybe they are a bit short (more or less 130cm) but it's ok :) I have used exactly two balls for each scarf. Good to know for other projects! I would love to do the matching Irish Hat with cables but the pattern I found is not clear... any clue?

Hope you like the pictures :) Leave a comment, please :)



Blogger AJ said...

I love the rainbow cables! Very pretty!

Thu Sep 07, 09:56:00 PM CDT  
Blogger Flavio83 said...

Thank you!! :)


Fri Sep 08, 01:57:00 AM CDT  

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