Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another First Scarf, Hat musings

Started mine last night in a medium green Briggs & Little (that's at least 32 years old--remnants from a friend's baby afghan for her eldest son, but that's another story!) I was thinking of using #10's, but didn't really like the effect, so I'll stick with the requisite #8's.

Fell asleep pondering the hat dilemma...I found these patterns--One is an 11 stitch repeat, with appropriate decreases, and the other uses a three needle bind-off--more of a toque look. They are both circular, so hopefully that will quell whoever was having confusion--I'm going to try a hat when I'm done with the other couple of scarf and hat projects I'm working on! If I were making the hat, I'd CO in multiples of 12, rib an inch or two--or just CO on say #6 needles and knit an inch and then switch to 8's (circ or DPN's), in the pattern as follows *K2 P2 K6 P2, repeat around from *, cross as per pattern on Round 8, and pick your decreases when you are ready. Is that clear as mud??


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