Wednesday, July 12, 2006

hi all, new here!

i've just joined this kal and trying to find the time to post for two days now. At last i'm here. I plan on making two IHS at the moment, and rather selfishly they are both for me, although i do plan a further one for my best friend after but don't have the yarn for that yet. My first will made using
Cascade 220 (shade 8885 a gorge deep purple) which fits in perfect with project sprecturm this month. I am also going to make wristwarmers to match but not sure if i'll use Tua Cha or Fetching.

The second will be made from Noro Kureyon (shade 164 browns and greens).

I am really excited about starting this as i've done a small amount of cabling before but really enjoyed it.
Will post when again with pics when casted on.


Blogger babette said...

Oh, I have lots of Noro...can't wait to see what your Kureyon IHS looks like!!! Don't forget to post it!!

Thu Jul 13, 05:04:00 PM CDT  

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