Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Experiment - Cables w/o a cable needle.

I decided to try doing this cable without a cable needle - I used to the two needle cable technique that Wendy demonstrates on her site - see the link for directions.

I wasn't very happy with how it worked out -- the failure may be in my technique, since I am not a very experienced knitter, but the two needle technique left an extremely stretched stitch on the far left of the cable - you can see it clearly in the picture, compared to the very neat unstretched stitch in the cable below, which I worked with my cable needle. I think the smaller size of the cable needle is what helps here.

It is a very interesting technique though, and I am glad I learned it -- it will definitely come in handy to know how to do.


Blogger April said...

Hi Anna,

Your scarf looks really great. I'd like to encourage you to experiment more with Wendy's "No Cable" technique. I'm sure once you've done it a few times you'll never use a cable needle again!

Thu Jul 06, 12:17:00 AM CDT  

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