Sunday, November 26, 2006

Half way in 2 days, ran out of yarn!

I stumbled upon this KAL last week and was so excited to find something not too complicated to get over my fear of cabling. I have been reading your posts and marveling over your pics, everyone has done a wonderful job, I'm glad to get to throw my hat in this ring too.

I have been sitting on this yarn my friend's brought me back from Italy for house/pet sitting for them and it was so beautiful I wanted to wait until I improved before I attempted to knit something with it. When I saw this scarf pattern I knew it would be perfect. I was only given two balls of this stuff and for the last year I have been looking to buy more of it but I could never track it down online. Occasionally it would pop up on eBay but never in the beautiful Cobalt Blue that I had. I hoped it would stretch more, but once I got it on sticks I knew I'd be lucky to get a half a scarf at it. But I soldiered on and in two days completed this half of the scarf.

Irish Hiking Scarf, Blue Italian Yarn

But GOOD NEWS! I went searching again on eBay yesterday and wouldn't you know there were 6 balls available from Quality Fibers Store. I bought four so I can finish my scarf and make a hat. I know the dye lot may not be a 100% but if it is terribly noticeable I'll frog my half o' scarf I currently have and make the scarf from the 4 balls I just bought and make the hat with the frogged remains. It will be harder to tell the dye lot is different from the hat to the scarf wouldn't it?

Anyways, good luck my knitta's on your Irish Hiking Scarves. You can read more about my IHS misadventures on my blog Knitting with a Vengeance. And I'll post again when I get my IHS finished.


Blogger Vera said...

Very nice work. I love that blue.

Sun Nov 26, 01:58:00 PM CST  
Blogger Sharmane said...

Thanks! I can't wait until I get my other skeins to get finished!

Fri Dec 01, 03:32:00 PM CST  

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