Thursday, August 18, 2005


Hey everyone! I'm so excited to join the knitalong. I came across this pattern a long time ago but had so many projects that I was working on and more already getting lined up to be done, that I just couldn't start this one. But finally, I finish some things that I've worked on and treated myself to some yarn. :) Well what I call treating myself. It probably not as expensive as anything everyone else is using. I just can't afford expensive yarn right now. But this does the trick for me. I'm using Bernat Softee Baby that I got from Wal-mart. The color is Baby Denim Marl. This yarn is really soft and I love it. It's making a thin scarf. I don't know if that's the way the scarf is suppose to be, but I like it thin either way. It's going to be such a small and comfortable scarf. I plan to make a hat to match also.
I've also made two of Knotty Knit Picks' cellphone/camera cases. I modified it a little by putting a flap with a button on it. I actually made 3, but the other one is mine and I didn't put a flap on it just braided some yarn and put a button on it and attached the braided yarn on the back to close the case. I didn't take a picture of it though. The first picture is my Grandma's. I made it to fit her cigarettes so she could use it as a cigarette case bc that's what she wanted. And the fringe is on there bc she loves fringe and loves to tie knots and she wanted it on there. The second one is a friend from school's. She saw the one I made for myself and wanted one, so I made her one. Welp, I look forward to getting to know all of you and seeing all of the Irish Hiking Scarfs! :)
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