Monday, October 25, 2004

Hat to match the Irish Hiking Scarf

I was asked to write up how I was going to adapt the Cornet hat from knitty to go with the Irish Hiking scarf and I am still going to do that....

BUT...My sister brought me home a little magazine called "Knitting Made Easy". She got it in the check out line at wally world. It's put out by the "Best Rrecipes" people. It costs $3.99 and has a hat that has the irish hiking scarf cable in it. Only it's reversed. Its a C3B instead of a C3F. I decided to do that one.

I suggest looking at your local grocery or wally world to find a copy of this little magazine. Theres some other really nice projects in it too. Hope this helps some of you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been knitting along, but haven't posted a picture (my camera needs help). I liked Steph's Coronet idea so much, I tried it -- and it worked very well. I knitted it flat. It was easy:

I made one of the Irish hiking cables (18 stitches for border, cable and border). When it was long enough to go around my forehead, I bound off and picked up stitches all around one edge. I followed the Coronet instructions (stockinette for X inches, then decreasing). Then I seamed it.

One warning: I didn't do a gauge swatch in stockinette, but estimated based on the scarf. As a result, there is a little extra fullness in the hat above the band. I think it looks fine -- nice, actually -- but it is not the headhugging cap I expected.


Tue Oct 26, 07:16:00 AM CDT  

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