Sunday, April 08, 2007

Modified Irish Hiking Scarf

Several months ago I went to a quilting and yarn shop that was going out of business. I purchased 3 skeins of Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran yarn (55% merino, 35% microfiber, 10% cashmere). I purchased it with a scarf in mind and when I accidently felted my old scarf, I knew I had to pull the yarn out and knit a new scarf. I really like the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern, but I knew that I did not have enough yarn to make a long I made a slight modification. I inserted a keyhole into the pattern and made a short scarf. It worked out great and I get many compliments on it.


Blogger Tea said...

Nice! I hope to start mine soon as I get some of my OTNs under control. ;-)
Toni in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains

Mon Apr 09, 09:49:00 AM CDT  

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