Saturday, January 28, 2006

Just started!

This is my first knitting project, i have only really done swatches before as practice, but i feel i'm ready to start something cool... and this is a fairly simple pattern, but looks amazing! I started last night, and so far have gotten 4 twists in my cables, its about 7 inches long. I'm using size 10.5 needles because i don't have a huge selection right now, so its loose, but still looks good... i'm using Caron One Pound yarn, just because i bought several skeins of it on sale to use for afghans, but i don't have time to make them anymore, so its best that i use the yarn for other projects. i think that when i finish this scarf, i'll give it to my sister... she loves scarves, and its pink, which i generally don't wear... but she wants me to put a fringe on the ends, which it doesn't need... we'll see what it looks like when its finished though...


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