Saturday, October 02, 2004

'ello! Introductions and such are in order, I suppose. Name's Aearrineth (say Erineth!) but you can always just call me Aearrin or Rin if ya like! I'm a 21 (going on 22) year old knit-a-holic. I taught myself how to knit about a year ago, so I don't know all that there is, but I think I'm pretty good considering I didn't have a teacher.
I found the pattern for the Irish Hiking Scarf (and being a little Irish myself I couldn't resist!). I've got this great dark green yarn that I'm going to make it out of. I'm really excited because I'm moving up north in a couple of months.
I'm from Delaware (wee tiny state between Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Common reaction: "Dela-where?" or "What state's that in?" But aaaaaaanywho. Moving back up to the chilly-weather-world from Florida (The hurricanes are just too much for me, and I miss the snow!) So I'll be able to feed my scarf-a-holic nature again! I love scarves! So, this one will be super for my collection!
As soon as I can take a picture I'll post an update as to how far I've gotten along on it! I'm really happy to be working on this, very pretty design!



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