Wednesday, September 29, 2004

on board at last!

hooray! after various mis-adventures trying to get e-blogger not to hate me, i'm finally able to post to the blog! little victories.

i love the scarf. i'm making it in multicolored (burgundy/red) manos, and it's really nice thus far. this is my first attempt at cabling, and i'm psyched at how easy it is. i think i'm going to make a couple of these scarves for xmas (maybe the next one in rowan polar?). this weekend we're flying east to see the in-laws, so i'll probably finish the first one by sunday! (just kidding -- i need to buy another skein of the manos first).

anyway, happy to be knitting along at last!



Blogger Lisa said...

YAY. Glad you made it :)

Wed Sep 29, 02:12:00 PM CDT  

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